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“Favor Them, O Lord, With Happiness And Peace” is the title of this painting. This is part of a series of paintings I am doing of kids in the desert. And in the desert, with no buildings or trees in the way, the clouds seem especially amazing.



“All The World’s A Stage” is a painting I had been working on before June. It was inspired by the theatre arts close to where I live in southern Utah: Tuacahn Renaissance and Cedar City Shakespeare. In June I tweaked and revamped a few things, always working toward a better quality painting.



“Stable Ghost”. On a more serious note with animals, I strolled past the stables after a local horse race. The haystack was a beautiful blend of shadow and varied color hay grasses. The stable window was empty and intriguingly dark. I was pleased to get a photo of this horse, resting after the race, a few windows down.



“More?!” Hey, all show paintings don’t have to be beautiful or thought provoking. Some can be just fun. These pigs posed for me at a backyard farm in Rockville, Utah. Just like us humans, always looking for something more!



Deadline: the latest time by which something must be done. June was a deadline month leading up to a 3 Woman Art Show at the Logan Fine Art Gallery. This painting:”Any Dream Will Do (The technicolor dream cape)” is a 24 x 36 inch oil that took up a chunk of the month.