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HOWDY WORLD! In June of 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer. The BIG “C”! The death sentences for the possible kinds of cancer I had ranged from 5 years to 18 months. I mentally started cutting my “bucket list” shorter. After 6 months, 6 doctors, 9 tests and procedures I was told that “there was not one abnormal cell in my body”. REBIRTH! Which is also a definition for RENAISSANCE. A Renaissance Woman is one skilled and knowledgeable in many fields. My art life embraces many fields. The acronym for Woman Artist Renaissance is WAR. I say WAR with a bit of a chuckle because I’m not a flaming activist when it comes to some of the issues that beset the art world: women artists getting their due in a man’s world, realism versus esoteric art, illustration versus “fine” art, etc. My Woman Artist Renaissance WAR will be waged against my own lethargy, apathy, and retirement. My military strategy is to thwart being too busy, too shy, too tired to engage and share with others my art life. In the blogging process I may be of assistance to some and be assisted in return. I am a designer, illustrator, painter, think tank, story teller, and mentor artist. YEE HAA!