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The Most Excellent Adventure Continued . . .

When the wind blows . . . at Bryce Canyon, holding onto everything with one hand and painting with the other.

Then there are onlookers and curious questions on a public walkway. Brave artists go for the view rather than the natural tendency to hide.

Taking your daughter along on a painting excursion to see the magnificent views you get to see. AND feeling the wind on the ledge.

Of course there is that interval of painting (from 45 minutes to 3 hours) that requires some alternative activity to pass the time. Smart girl. She brought some reading material.

Speaking of WIND. A common mishap in outdoor painting is having the wind grab your painting panel and throw it carelessly onto your palette and into your globs of paint. This time the paint hit the back of the panel. A near miss.

Then there was the time we got lost. Thankfully we had cell phone reception and called someone who knew where we were and directed us out.

Painting INSIDE a slot canyon . . . cold.

Painting OUTSIDE a slot canyon . . . hot.

And speaking of HOT. How do you cool down enough to paint? Here’s an idea.

“Did a run-away horse come through here?” Really, you would never get that question in the studio. And suddenly you also have a piece of photo reference for horse and rider.

If you have phone reception you are never away from the kids! “Where are you mom?”